Monday, September 24, 2012

Checking in on Royals & Cardinals predictions

In April, the night the Cardinals and Marlins opened the (U.S. portion of the) 2012 major league baseball season. Those were the days, when Bobby Petrino was still the head coach at Arkansas, the Orioles couldn't compete in the loaded AL East, and Eric Hosmer didn't seem capable of sub-.240 seasons. It was a simpler time.

I had the five people in Armer's basement (the one in Ashland; see, a different time) that night give a guess/prediction for the win totals of the Cardinals and Royals this season. As the season nears the finish line, here's where we stand, after the results on Monday, Sept. 24:

Royals: 70-83
Games left: 9
Possible win total range: 70-79

Cardinals: 83-71
Games left: 8
Possible win total range: 83-91

And here's our picks. All of us but Pointer, married since these long-ago predictions, appear to have bought too much into the ill-fated "Our Time" Royals hype. We could have an exact winner on the Cards; we'll see. We'll take the number of wins away from each team's actual total, average the two, and winner gets, say, a bag of peanut butter M&M's. And pride, enduring pride on which you can't put a price tag.

* Ben Herrold: Cards- 85, Royals- 84
* Cody Pointer: Cards- 86, Royals- 68
* Nathan Armer: Cards- 93, Royals- 81
* Seth Maberry: Cards- 91, Royals- 79
* Chris Coffman: Cards- 91, Royals- 82

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